The Essential Details in Tax Returns

Filing your tax return happens to be a daunting task, but one that is much less complicated than you think, especially if you use the right tools. If you file your return, you may be eligible for a tax refund as well as other federal and provincial credits. See the tips below on why you should prepare your tax return.

The benefits of production

One of the main benefits of filing your tax returns is getting a tax refund. After all, the government will only pay you your tax refund if you file your return.

Did you know that the money you receive in repayment is actually yours? When you receive a tax refund, the government returns all or a portion of the taxes you have already paid because your tax payable was less than what you paid. This situation occurs when your employer levies excess tax amounts for your tax bracket or when you qualify for certain non-refundable tax credits that reduce your outstanding balance.

How to file your tax returns

If you are filing a tax return for the first time, you will usually only have to worry about a few sections of the tax return form. The first section of the form happens to be about income; please ensure that you have collected and kept all tax return slips of your last year’s earnings, including all the previous slips. If you have a Revenue Agency account, you can view your tax return slips online. You must also be prepared to report any additional cash from businesses or cash-paid jobs.

If you file your return online with Tax Preparation Service, most of your statements can be included in your return through the CRA Pre-fill Return feature, which will capture the data in the right places. This will be able to save you time and ensure the information is entered correctly.

To reduce the amount of your tax payable, keep receipts for your medical, union, professional and child care expenses, as you may also be able to claim these amounts.

Professionalism does matter

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